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Meet the Caliber Development Team

Our People, Our Commitment

Caliber’s Core Principles are what set us aside from others in the industry, we make every effort to partner with individuals that share our same principles. At Caliber we are a team and our goal is to provide you an extraordinary project that will last a lifetime.

Caliber Team Member Roy Bade
Roy Bade
Chief Development Officer

Building Better with… acquisitions, deals, finding the perfect investment for Caliber.

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Caliber Team Member Chris Gray
Chris Gray
Director of Construction

Building Better with…leading the team with many years of various construction experience, living and teaching the standard of building better for Caliber.

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Caliber Team Member Rodney Riley
Rodney Riley
Director of Acquisitions and Development

Building Better with…considerable institutional and entrepreneurial acquisition and development experience across all asset classes and geographies.

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Caliber Team Member Courtney Bring
Courtney Bring
Executive Assistant to Chief Development Officer/Development PM

Building Better with…assisting all team members, strengthening vendor relations and following projects through from start to finish.

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Caliber Team Member Cecilia Suydam
Cecilia Suydam
Senior Accountant

Building Better with…maintaining vendor relations and collaborating with the team to make sure projects are on budget.

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Caliber Team Member Janice Snyder
Janice Snyder
Staff Accountant

Building Better with….reliable and efficient accounting support services

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Caliber Team Member Marc Miller
Marc Miller
Construction Manager

Building Better with…knowledge, skills, and resources with a high energy level of “do whatever it takes” mentality.

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Caliber Team Member Sarah Leas
Sarah Leas
Project Manager

Building Better with…developing and maintaining a broad vision, cultivating excellent relationships, and communicating effectively across the organization to build focused and productive teams.

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Caliber Team Member Mike Pells
Mike Pells
Project Manager

Building Better with… great customer service, quality workmanship, trade partnership with our subs on behalf of Caliber!

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Caliber Team Member Gary Austin
Gary Austin

Building Better with…providing quality projects as if they were his own, with pride, integrity and detailed finishes

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Caliber Team Member Scott Addison
Scott Addison

Building Better with…experience, detail and relationships.

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Caliber Team Member Albert SantaCruz
Albert SantaCruz

Building Better with…coordinating with sub-contractors and other vendors to keep schedules on time.

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Caliber Team Member Steven Bray
Steven Bray
Caliber Team Member Lindsey Combs
Lindsey Combs
Project Engineer

Building Better with… construction knowledge, attention to detail and strengthening relationships with project owners and vendors.

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Caliber Construction & Development is one of the five divisions within Caliber Wealth Development and provides construction for Caliber Assets.